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The Message Of Easter

Regardless of whether you are an Episcopalian, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist or “Christian” of some stripe, the festival of Easter is the highlight of our year. With its themes of His triumph over death and His resurrection, we prepare ourselves for the Ascension of our Lord. It is important to remember that Salvation is not just […]

Healthy Easter Ideas

Easter baskets don’t have to be full of chocolate and peeps. Here are some great ideas that will fill your Easter basket without all the extra fat and sugar. Bubbles What child doesn’t love to blow bubbles? Grab a couple of bottles of bubbles for this year’s Easter basket. The kids will have a blast […]

All About The Easter Bunny

Have you ever wondered what a bunny that lays eggs has to do with Easter? Do bunnies even lay eggs? How did the bunny and the egg theory ever come into being? How did Easter come about? What are its origins? These are some of the questions we will look at in today’s article. Bunnies, […]

Easter And Good Friday

Jesus died on the cross. Jesus was nailed on the cross. Yes, He was nailed. How many of you have taken injection shots? Do you remember the feeling of pain that comes with a very thin needle? That also is taken away within few seconds. Now imagine getting hit with a nail and the nail […]

Budget Easter Ideas

Every year moms scramble to find just the right easter basket. Will it be the sports easter basket for $20 or the Spiderman one for who know how much? When did easter gifts become so expensive? The average family has 2.4 children and easter gifts can break a budget in a hurry. Here are some […]

All About Easter Jelly Beans

Easter is a mark for children with the sense of spring is nearby and the snow and cold weather is about to end. Children sensing school will be over for the year, with summer on way. Easter for children is excitement for coloring eggs, Easter egg hunts, and candy. Jelly beans galore. The history of […]

A New Look On Easter

Just an Easter thought that needs to be shared that some of you may find very beneficial for you and your family. The season of spring is a time for new beginnings, new life and new tomorrows – our lord Jesus Christ proved that to the world with his miraculous rising on Easter Sunday. Out […]

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